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Dose Espresso

Sustainable, gourmet, creamy heaven in a fully biodegradable cup. That’s what you’ll get when you buy a coffee from Dose. I visited a couple of weeks ago to sample the coffee that I’ve heard so much about and I was served one of the best cups that I’ve had in London. Creamy, rich and delicious, Dose uses Square Mile Coffee, which is ethically sourced – so much so that their blends change with the seasons. Dose is small, really small, so don’t go in expecting to get a seat as there is a chance that you’ll be disappointed. When I visited, all of the seats were taken by lone coffee drinkers enjoying their weekend morning cup and enjoying an array of cakes, baked freshly by Bea’s of Bloomsbury. I didn’t stay for breakfast because I had already eaten but the menu did look enticing. Dose is a definitely contender for the best coffee in London. Dose Espresso 69 Long Lane London EC1A 9EJ 020 7600 0382

Allpress Espresso

Since I started drinking coffee (a few months ago!) I have been on a mission to try out all of the great independent cafes that London has to offer. Another weekend and another visit – this time to Allpress Espresso in Shoreditch. I had heard and read good things so took a trip down one Sunday afternoon for a coffee and a slice of cake. First impressions were not fantastic and it didn’t blow me away. Sure enough, the enormous roaster in the window is designed to stop passers by in their tracks and it is impressive as it’s not normally something you’d see in a coffee shop but the decor inside was plain and slightly corporate looking. But maybe I’m being harsh. After all, I am extremely grateful for coffee shops like this as they are far better than the usual chains that we see on the high street. Allpress hails from down-under (no surprises there really) and positions itself between boutique and corporate, which is exactly the feeling that I got. The coffee …