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Merlet et Fils and Soho Grind launch Espresso Martini Month

Where Soho Grind, London What Soho Grind has teamed up with Merlet at Fils to launch Espresso Martini Month which will take place throughout June. Experience The Espresso Martini is my all time favorite cocktail. It’s perfect. It has everything. Coffee? Yes. Soho Grind’s very own Grind & Co. House Espresso blend, no less. Booze? Yes. Indulge in a twist on the classic drink by replacing vodka and coffee liqueur with Merlet Brother Blend Cognac and Merlet Café Congnac which results in spicy vanilla undertones. Martini lovers are urged to try all three flavour variations of the Espresso Martini by Merlet, which is easy as they are a mere £5 each all month across all four sites. Cost Espresso Martini £5 throughout June Address Soho Grind 19 Beak Street London W1F 9RP Also at Shoreditch Grind, Hoxton Grind and London Grind.