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The Espresso Room

Did I really just walk a three mile round trip on my lunch break to get a coffee? Yes, it seems I did. Am I bonkers? Probably. Was it worth it? Definitely. But not only for the fact that the coffee was one of the best I have had in a while, but because it took me to an area of London that I’ve always known was there, but until today had never explored. So, why did I just take nearly my whole lunch hour travelling to and from a coffee shop? Because it’s been on my ‘to go to’ list for a while after spotting it on the Time Out list of best London coffee shops, a list that I completely trust. And on my walk back, I got to thinking… I had enough time after all. My coffee addiction started just over a year ago when I visited Australia. I can harp on for hours about the coffee over there. My dad also recently took a trip to Australia. Before he went, he …


Stepping off Oxford Street into Fitzrovia is like stepping off a packed tube train in rush hour – you immediately feel relieved. Far less busy, with virtually no lingering tourists, Fitzrovia is fast turning into a foodies paradise. It is also home to one of my favourite London cafes, Kaffeine. Yet another Australian / New Zealand owned London café, Kaffeine means business when it comes to the coffee and food that they serve. Freshly baked cakes, pastries, homemade granola, muffins for breakfast and a range of salads and sandwiches for lunch provide an excellent choice and the coffee is lovingly prepared and sourced from Square Mile. They use top quality equipment to get the best out of the beans – a Synesso Cyncra espresso machine and (for the more geeky coffee lovers out there) a Robus E 110v doserless grinder. They even pay attention to the size of the coffee cups in order to get the best possible taste out of the coffee. Each cup comes with a double shot as standard (that would explain …

Dose Espresso

Sustainable, gourmet, creamy heaven in a fully biodegradable cup. That’s what you’ll get when you buy a coffee from Dose. I visited a couple of weeks ago to sample the coffee that I’ve heard so much about and I was served one of the best cups that I’ve had in London. Creamy, rich and delicious, Dose uses Square Mile Coffee, which is ethically sourced – so much so that their blends change with the seasons. Dose is small, really small, so don’t go in expecting to get a seat as there is a chance that you’ll be disappointed. When I visited, all of the seats were taken by lone coffee drinkers enjoying their weekend morning cup and enjoying an array of cakes, baked freshly by Bea’s of Bloomsbury. I didn’t stay for breakfast because I had already eaten but the menu did look enticing. Dose is a definitely contender for the best coffee in London. Dose Espresso 69 Long Lane London EC1A 9EJ 020 7600 0382