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Miele Gallery Launch

When I was invited to the Miele London Gallery launch party, I obliged. I was looking forward to it because all of the appliances in my kitchen are Miele. We have the oven, hob, hood, fryer, steamer and espresso maker, half of which I never use so I wanted to grill (excuse the pun) the experts.

I arrived at the gallery and thought that from the outside it looked fantastic and well lit. You can see inside easily and the view of the appliances was enticing. I walked in and immediately received a warm welcome and a complimentary Veuve Clicquot champagne and was just in time for the official opening by Dr. Miele and Dr. Zinkaan, joint Managing Directors and Co-Proprietors of Miele.

We were able to wander around and try the canapes that were being cooked before us using the various different appliances that were on show. My favourite canapés were quails breast on mini toast and dumplings that were being cooked in the steamer.

There was a live demonstration by Steve Groves, winner of Professional Masterchef 2009 shortly after the official opening.

He’s a chef who I admire and enjoyed watching on Masterchef, it was also interesting to see the use of the Miele appliances to steam fish and grill bananas perfectly. The two dishes he cooked were steamed halibut with mushrooms and sticky toffee pudding with grilled banana, salted hazelnuts and a Guinness reduction cream.

Not only did I get to watch this take place right in front of me within 20 minutes but I also got to taste the finished products, which I have to say were rather divine. The best learning that I took away from the evening is that the steamer sitting unused in my kitchen can actually produce fantastically tender fish. Time to try.

I have to say a big thank you to the lovely people at Forever Better and Miele who took me around the different appliances; they were very friendly and welcoming. I took a goody bag away at the end of the evening and was pleased to see a Miele apron, wine cooler, mini box of chocolates, bottle of rose wine amongst other things. I am also looking forward to using my voucher for a cookery class at the gallery in the future.

Miele Gallery
15-19 Cavendish Place

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