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Vintage at Goodwood tea party in Hyde Park

This Saturday, armed with flyers, cakes, music and deckchairs, a few of us trailed to Hyde Park to enjoy the glorious sunshine before the Stevie Wonder gig in Hyde Park. We set up camp with our picnic table beautifully dressed, right before the entrance gate and staged a mini Vintage at Goodwood tea party having encouraged people to come down, bring a cake and join us for a cuppa.

Vintage at Goodwood Hyde Park

Vintage at Goodwood will be a celebration of British popular culture from 1940 – 1989, set in the glorious surroundings of the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex. The festival, in it’s first year will take place on 13th-15th August and will play host to a plethora of bands, DJ’s, stalls, cafes and fashion shows to name but a few of the goings on. There will even be the worlds biggest vintage fare (so get saving your pocket money now)

Expect to hear live music from Faces, Buzzcocks, Earth Wind and Fire, Noisettes and what will most likely be my favourite – The Sandy Shaw Review, which will see a host of female artists take the stage to sing classic songs (originally sang by men that they believe should have been sang by women!) Think ‘It’s a mans mans mans world’ by James Brown, sung by Sophie Ellis Bexter! There will quite literally be something for everyone – with an arena for each decade, each curated by an expert in their field, i’ll be looking to dress for a different decade each day!

A few photos from the day below – the cakes were a success, as were the deck chairs!

Victoria Sponge

Sandwiches and tea


Vintage at Goodwood cakes


    • Food for Think says

      It was great fun. We’ll no doubt do it again before the festival.

      Sounds to me like you would love Vintage at Goodwood. You should get yourselves down – there’s plenty more where that came from! xx

  1. Food for Think says

    The deck chairs that we used were the BEST in the whole wide world. They were designed by extremely talented designers at Hemingway Design. Lovely bunch of people I’ve heard.

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