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Peter’s Yard, Edinburgh

I have a real craving for cinnamon at the moment, much to the amusement of my workmates and it has reminded me of a breakfast that I had when I was in Edinburgh a couple of weekends ago.

One of my workmates lived in Edinburgh during her uni years and sent a few recommendations before we embarked on our 3 day trip. One of those suggestions was Peter’s Yard. So naturally, we decided to head there for breakfast. It ended up being a pretty late one and we didn’t want to eat too much as we had a hefty lunch planned at Petit Paris. We opted for a delicious Cinnamon bun and a lovely pot of tea to go with it.


My friends ordered a flat white and cappuccino, which looked too delightful not to capture on film!



The cafe itself was buzzing and full with very, very cool looking couples, yummy mummies and university students. The high ceilings made it feel very light, airy and modern (very Scandinavian). The food looked fresh, the salads tempting. There was also a table holding freshly baked breads, cookies and pastries.

The first things that I saw when I walked in were the infamous Peter’s Yard Crisp Breads. I bought a packet a while back and immediately fell in love. They are just delicious and perfect with homemade chilli jam, my boyfriend style.

I really would love to have stayed for lunch but we had shopping and a scrummy French meal to attend to. I would be eternally grateful if they were to open a cafe in London!

27 Simpson Loan
0131-228 58 76
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  1. I just found your blog and am going to have to go there straight away. Well once I wake up my teenwolf child si I can drag him with me. It looks wonderful. I shall report back. Cinammon buns here I come………..

    • Food for Think says

      They were really yummy – a perfect lazy weekend breakfast treat. The cafe itself is beautiful too!

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