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Msmarmitelover’s Christmas Market – oof

It’s the day after Msmarmitelover’s Underground Christmas Market and I’m shattered. But I’m still buzzing from the fantastic time I had yesterday.

At first I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew by taking a stall. I then heard that around 300 tickets had been sold and the panic alarms in my head went off. With the help of my very understanding boyfriend, I made everything on the stall completely from scratch and bagged, ribboned and tagged, ready for purchasing. I had a week to do it and each night after work I spent my time in the kitchen beavering away.

You may have already seen some of the results but I have more pics of the stall from yesterday.



We arrived at 10am to set up and were ushered into the living room where the other stall holders were unpacking their goods. I was situated next to Bake Me Happy and her delightful cupcakes. She had a great range of flavours from Chocolate and Peppermint to White Chocolate and Cranberry, Gingerbread and even a Mince Pie cupcake, very interesting. I tried one of her cake pops in the shape of a Christmas Tree. It was Chocolate and Coconut flavour, very moist and absolutely delicious!

Also in the same room was the Rambling Restaurant selling home made fudge, popcorn and edible cards amongst other things, Ubuntu and French Made.

I didn’t get a chance to walk around much or take any photos of the rest of the market because I was so busy but I could smell the delightful Mulled Wine and Bacon sarnies from the garden.

The first punter walked into the room an straight away purchased two jars of Chilli Jam. Great start! It is exciting selling your own creations! The flat was constantly busy until 5pm when it started to die down.

The best sellers were the jars of Chilli Jam, Spiced Pickled Cabbage and Peanut Butter, the Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies and the Rose Shortbread. Surprisingly people didn’t want cake to eat there and then, although the Mince Pies sold quite well.


I made a Spiced Apple Bundt cake and put it out as a tester. It was the first time I had attempted a Bundt cake and I was so happy with it – it was so moist and packed full of flavour. Many said they loved it but were reluctant to buy a slice… The cake was pretty big. A few women asked for mini slices.


Pfeffernusse also went down quite well – and I have to say it’s probably my new favourite thing. It is DELICIOUS – granted it feels like a rock from the outside but the middle is deliciously chewy due to the ground almonds and the Golden Icing Sugar and Candied Peel on top gives is a sweet and tangy taste.


I was surprised that the Christmas Rocky Road with Cashews, Peanuts, Almonds and Cranberries didn’t sell too well – although not necessarily a bad thing because my workmates enjoyed it!


Jack’s homemade Christmas cards also went down a treat. Fantastic Vintage prints and not available to buy in any shop! If you do like the look of them, we have a few left over so do contact me if you would like to purchase one.


We sold one of the Gingerbread houses and gave the other to Msmarmitelover as a thank you for letting us hold the stall. She had been admiring it earlier in the day so I knew it was going to a good home!


It came to the end of the day and as most stalls had some goodies left over, the trading commenced. For my mince pies, I received in return a bar of Pistachio Dark Chocolate from Ubuntu, Ginger Fudge from The Rambling Restaurant, a Sausage from the BBQ, a Gingerbread Hot Chocolate and a glass of Mulled Wine.

I also have to say that the Mrs Monks salad dressings were a delight. I’m not normally a fan but it was delicious. I wish I would have bought a bottle but I didn’t get around to it as I was so busy.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would do it again next week if I could!



    • Food for Think says

      Thank you very much. It was a great day, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

      I wish we could do it this time but we’re away that weekend. Next time hopefully.

      Good luck. – it’s not scary – just fun.


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