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The Greenhouse, Perth

The Greenhouse in Perth city centre is certainly impressive. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks daily (closed on Sunday), it’s an all around foodie destination.

The first thing that strikes you is the Strawberry Plants that are potted all the way up the walls on the outside of the building and when you walk in, it soon becomes apparent that nearly everything in here has been recycled. From the plywood walls to the sugar in old jam jars, the watering can jug and the fruit and veg bowls along with the toilet door handle all made out of the tops of old gas cylinders.

An eye-catching feature is the bar – bottles of spirits hang overhead by blue rope. I’d like to see The Greenhouse in operation for a few drinks but on the agenda this time was, you guessed it, brunch.

The breakfast menu is not overly large but they do offer a different range of breakfasts to most places in Perth, including a ‘Brekkie Pizza’ and Calzone. As it was my last brunch, I went for the sweet option, the Spiced Bread with Grilled Banana, Butter and Praline. My boyfriend went for the Slow Cooked Eggs with Wild Mushrooms on Toast.

The Spices in the bread were subtle and the Grilled Banana was delicious, but again not overpowering. There was a huge amount of Butter placed on the top of the bread, which was a welcome addition. The Praline was what made the dish for me – I have never seen Praline in it’s original state before, I’m used to it being in the form of a creamy chocolate centre but it was fantastic. It reminded me of Cocoa but without the absolute bitterness.

The Baked Eggs were impressive. The Yolk looks bright and as if it’s going to ooze out all over the plate but as it is slow cooked, when you cut into it, it doesn’t do this. It remains firm but not over cooked, amazing. I should have asked really but I’ll just have to figure it out – if anyone knows, let me know!

A couple of Flat White’s later, we were ready to pay. Not before looking into the open kitchen at the Vegetables for the lunch service roasting away in the Wood Fire oven and one of the chefs rolling out the Pizza dough in the pasta roller.

On the way out, I noticed the outside ordering hatch, which had a great view into the restaurant. Selling coffees, freshly baked cakes and treats – I wish I had this hatch around the corner from my office!

One more thing to mention is the toilet – I haven’t seen any like them before. When you press the flush button, the water runs out of a tap and into a sink, straight down to the cistern. So you’re even recycling the toilet water, brilliant. It’s a bit of a novelty too.

100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9481 8333

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