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Viajante bar snacks

I went to a vintage clothes fair a couple of weekends ago in Bethnal Green and the venue was a minutes walk from Viajante so we decided to treat ourselves to a cup of tea after trawling through the endless rails of clothes.

Viajante is situated in the Town Hall Hotel.The reception boasts beautiful art deco furniture and the Grade II listed building has been extended and modernised but has kept it’s original character. The restaurant across the hallway from the bar is designed by award-winning architects and features installations from fashion and lighting designers as well as some of the East End’s most brilliant young artists. Brilliant!

We entered the bar to see a chandelier art-installation and an extremely good looking bar attender. We were then greeted by a polite and very welcoming waiter. I looked at the menu and was disappointed to be told that they don’t serve English breakfast tea or Earl Grey! So I settled with a fresh lime and soda water, which the waiter took the liberty of adding a slight amount of sugar to as he believed that it would be too tart without it. Nice touch.

The cocktail menu looked special but as it was 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, I just couldn’t do it. Still, it gives me an excuse to go back.

We had plans to eat Ethiopean at the Sunday Upmarket but feeling slightly peckish and liking the look of the bar snacks, we decided to order a couple to share and see if we were still hungry afterward.

We ordered the Mini bocadillo with Jamon Iberico and the Fish tacos, not thinking that the portions were going to be anything to shout about. We were wrong. The tacos were large (and might I add delicious) and the bocadillo was small ish but absolutely yum. But then you can never go wrong with melt in mouth Jamon Iberico! The snacks on the menu are new versions of snacks that Nuno Mendes has discovered on his world travels. Judging by what we had on our fleeting visit, I’d like to go back and try more, not to mention a dinner in the restaurant.

Patriot Square
City of London
E2 9NF
020 7871 0461

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    • Food for Think says

      I didn’t until I was handed the menu – they were delicious. Really want to try the restaurant next – it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL isn’t it!

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