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Coffee at Caravan

If you ever fancy taking any advice from me, I suggest that those of you out there that haven’t managed to get to Caravan for a coffee do.

Nestled in the lovely Exmouth Market, Caravan does a hell of a lot – acting as a cafe, restaurant, bar, wholesaler and shop. Interesting.


When I first heard the name, it conjured up images of a small porter cabin with drapes and women sitting around looking like fortune tellers. So when I got around to visiting, I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised mind. I don’t know why though as I’d be more surprised if I had found the porter cabin in it’s place. Wooden rough and ready tables, rustic jugs and bare floors, Caravan has taken the minimal approach and it’s one that I love.

Many of my friends have dined at Caravan but I was most interested in visiting to see the ginormous coffee roaster that I heard is hiding in the basement. And my it looks pretty. The coffee that it roasts is a delight too.

Caravan Flat White

The Flat White that I had nearly blew my head off and I wandered around central London for the rest of the day with the caffeine jitters – I wasn’t actually sure I liked feeling like that. Maybe next time I’d opt for the latte that my boyfriend got – it was a lot weaker, smoother and creamier.

Caravan Latte

I’ll be back to try the brunch menu soon but for now the memory of the fantastic coffee lingers.

11-13 Exmouth Market
020 7833 8115

Caravan on Urbanspoon


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