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Melt in mouth meringue recipe

If you have read my blog in the last few months, you will know that I have three gorgeous chickens on my roof who provide me with fresh and delicious eggs daily.

Since only two of us in the house eat eggs, we sometimes get a bit of a glut, as you can see.


So we’re forever having to come up with ways to use more than just one or two eggs at a time. Someone suggested I make meringue but I wasn’t keen on the idea at first – I would rather tuck into a big slab of cake or a delicious brownie than a light and fluffy meringue. Then again, I had never made them before so decided to give them a go.

As our eggs are very small, I would recommend using Bantam eggs. If you are using hens eggs, use two less than I have stated. I was so pleased with how they turned out – they have a beautiful golden colour due to the fact that I used unrefined golden caster sugar and unrefined golden icing sugar.

Eat them with fresh and cream berries, or be naughty and sandwich two together with Nutella (that’s what my boyfriend did!)


4 bantam eggs, separated and at room temperature (you can either discard the yolk or add them as extra to scrambled eggs)
75g unrefined golden caster sugar
75g unrefined golden icing sugar

Method – Pre-heat the oven to 100degrees Celsius

1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper
2. Place the egg whites in a bowl. Using an electric mixer, whisk on a medium speed until soft peaks form
3. Turn the speed up and gradually add the cater sugar, bit by bit
4. Sift the icing sugar in bit by bit and fold in gently with a spatula or large metal spoon
5. Spoon onto the baking sheet in equal portions and place in the oven. Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes
6. Enjoy how you wish!


  1. I’ve said it before, I’m so jealous of your chickens! Just look at all those beautiful eggs… *sigh*

    I’ve actually got 6 egg whites in my fridge after making a ice cream last weekend, so meringues sounds like a good idea – can’t believe you’ve not made them before! Where do you get golden icing sugar? I’ve not seen that before.

    • Food for Think says

      It’s a bit overwhelming seeing 25 of them in out egg basket though! Luckily we’ve got some friends and family who are happy to receive them as gifts!

      Ohhh – let me know how you get on with the meringues. The golden icing sugar is Billington’s – I used to work for them so had a packet in the cupboard. I think you can buy it from Asda though.

  2. I love meringues, and this is my go to solution to egg whites. I’m with you, I rather like the golden icing sugar, makes them really looked handmade not commercial.

    • Food for Think says

      I never really thought about making meringues until last week. I haven’t managed to eat them all yet – maybe i’ll have them with strawberries and cream this evening!

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