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Caravan Exmouth Market – brunch

If you haven’t been for brunch at Caravan yet, I suggest you do. I have reviewed the coffee at Caravan before but this is the time for brunch, finally!

Based on the corner of Exmouth Market, Caravan produces the finest coffee and excellent brunch dishes. I visited a few weeks ago, when it was still warm enough to sit outside and enjoyed a leisurely brunch before heading to visit a few of the Design Week exhibitions.

Firstly I ordered an orange juice, which I pretty much never do because I don’t trust most places to bring me something freshly squeezed and not five times the price it should be. But I knew Caravan would be different. And it was. The bright orange, bitty, tangy and sweet at the same time was a delight to start with whilst we patiently waited for a table outside.

The table came and we sat down. I ordered a flat white and tried to choose my food order carefully. I had a hard time deciding, everything looked good! I had recently made the Bill Granger coconut loaf and I saw a coconut loaf with fruit and lemon curd cream cheese shining out at me from the menu.

Jack opted for the corn bread French toast with bacon, rocket and avocado, which was to make me envious.

The dishes arrived and I was slightly disappointed by the portion size of my coconut bread. It looked measly in comparison to Jacks mountain of corn bread, luscious tomatoes and handsome leaves. Had I made the wrong choice?

I savoured my dish. The yoghurt was tangy and sweet, a perfect addition to the moist yet fluffy bread. I had definitely not made the wrong choice.

I was nearing the end when Jack caught sight of a hair on his plate. And it wasn’t his. The staff, extremely attentive and very apologeic took the dish back to the kitchen and offered for a new one to be brought out. But Jack kindly refused (I’m not sure why). As compensation, they took all of our drinks off the bill, which worked out to be a better deal than just taking the one dish off.

Yes there was a hair in his dish but that can happen to anyone, at any restaurant, anywhere. I wouldn’t let it put you off and it’s definitely not put me off. When can I next go back to try that corn bread?!

11-13 Exmouth Market
020 7833 8115

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  1. Hair or not I would have finished the corn bread dish, it looks (and sounds) delicious. I’ve never been to Caravan – it’s such a long way away I’ve just not got round to it – but this review really makes me want to go.

    • Food for Think says

      I agree, if it was mine I would have eaten it.

      It’s not like it is a dirty greasy spoon – then I might think again…

      It’s well worth the trip, hope you get to go soon. Enjoy if you do.

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