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Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café revamp

When I think of Harvey Nichols, the line ‘Harvey Nicks darrrling’ immediately pops into my head and stays there on repeat until something else grabs my attention. Thanks Jennifer Saunders. Ab Fab was always on in my house when I was growing up. I loved it. I would have been so proud had I known at the time that I would one day be following in Edina’s footsteps and working in PR darrrrrling. But I can safely say that I don’t quite live the Ab Fab lifestyle, honestly…

Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café has just undergone its first refurb in twenty years. EDGE Architecture + Design has designed the interior and created distinctive features such as a new horseshoe shaped Espresso Bar and an open plan kitchen. Executive Chef Jonas Karlsson and his team have created a range of new dishes, many using new and seasonal produce from The Foodmarket and I was invited to test it out last week. I arrived early and sipped a jasmine tea (£2.95) whilst I waited for my friend. Upon arrival, all flummoxed, he asked why I had ordered jasmine tea. I think I may have panic ordered as it’s not something I’d normally go for. And I didn’t really enjoy it. I found it a little watery and after peeking inside the pot to see why, I saw a lone tea bag floating around. It perhaps could have benefitted from two bags to create a stronger taste, considering the pot was large enough for over two cups.

We perused the menu and after I forbid him to order a Full English, because it’s too boring, we settled on Fried Eggs with Chorizo and Eggs Benedict with brioche. Having been out for breakfast every day so far that week (and this was Thursday), I was hoping for a moderate portion.


But first we ordered a couple of juices. I opted for the Green Juice (£5), a mixture of cucumber, apple, celery and lemon as it sounded healthy, just what I needed after a hectic week. Also, another friend had tweeted an image of her super green juice the day before, which also contained cucumber and celery and I thought I’d try it as I’ve never been big on vegetable juices and was on the verge of being persuaded that they’re a good idea. My friend went for the Glamour juice (£5), which turned out to be a beautiful orange carrot and apple juice with a huge ginger kick – perfect for waking you up in the morning. I didn’t enjoy mine quite as much – but I think that’s because of my personal taste. I adore cucumber to eat but drinking it is a different story.


The breakfasts arrived shortly after and I was happy to see that my wish for a moderate portion had come true with the Fried Eggs and Chorizo (£7.95). Baked chorizo and tomato is one of my favourite combinations but add eggs and a thick slice of toast and I’m in heaven. The Eggs Benedict (£9.75) was also delicious, although I think I prefer the dish with English muffins. That’s not to say that the brioche wasn’t a good addition, because it was.


The café serves Illy coffee and my latte was smooth, creamy and topped with a nice bit of latte art. I’m always impressed by latte art, I think it shows that the barista has paid attention to my creamy cup of goodness and has lovingly prepared the pretty image, rather than just spilling the milk out of the jug into the cup willy nilly.

After breakfast, my friend decided that he wanted pudding. Interesting. So he ordered a bowl of yoghurt and honey, which wasn’t actually on the menu. It cleanses your palate apparently. The waiter obliged and soon after placed the bowl down on the table. I tasted it and was impressed – very soothing and I have to say it did clean my palate.

I’d like to go back in the summer and sit outside on the terrace, which overlooks Knightsbridge, although it’s not overly large so I imagine it’s hard to snag a table. The new Fifth Floor Café definitely gets a thumbs up from me – the environment is pleasant and calming and you have the bonus of being able to browse the fantastic produce of The Foodmarket on your way out. If you visit I bet you end up buying something. I just bet.

Breakfast served Monday – Saturday 8am – 12 noon.

Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café
109 – 125 Knightsbridge
Tel: 020 7235 5000

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