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Penks Queens Park

Looking to buy a flat has been a long and very laborious task. London is a big city and over the last year we have found it exceptionally hard to pin down one area where we really want to set our roots. But I’m pleased to say that after what seems like a lifetime, we have found it. The area in question? The lovely leafy Queens Park.

We have spent the last couple of weekends walking around and sampling what the area has to offer. Of course the first test was brunch. And having seen Penks made it into the top brunches in London list on Time Out recently, it was only fair to pay them a visit.


As we walked through the door at 10am, we were greeted by two staff and an empty dining room. I was slightly confused as the Salusbury café across the road was considerably busier and I had found nothing online about this place. Still, we persevered with Penks and enjoyed a leisurely brunch. The menu consists of the usual cooked breakfasts, a veggie option, and healthy options such as muesli. We both opted for pancakes – one with mixed berries, crème fraiche and maple syrup and the other with hot chocolate sauce and crème fraiche.

I have to say that presentation wasn’t a strong point but the pancakes were light and fluffy and there was just the right ratio of sauce to pancake. My boyfriend polished off the chocolate sauce smothered pancakes and confessed that maybe chocolate sauce and crème fraiche was slightly too much for breakfast.


I agree with Time Out that the breakfast options are good but I was sadly disappointed with the coffee. We both ordered lattes, which resembled a glass of warm milk more than a coffee. I have become custom to good coffee being served at all good brunch establishments so I’m hoping they can improve on that. After all, a morning coffee is so important!

I’m not sure I’d hurry back to Penks in the morning, especially not before trying the other brunch offerings in the area (and there are a few) but I will be heading back to check out the dinner menu as the restaurant has a lovely local bistro feel to it and I’m sure there is a great atmosphere when busy. I can imagine cosying up in Penks on a crisp evening with a nice glass of red and good company.

79 Salusbury Road
020 7604 4484

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