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Endellion, Watergate Bay

“Turn next left and you have reached your destination.” Thank god, I was getting ready to rip the sat nav off the dashboard. The soft and huskey tones of the woman giving us directions was starting to grate on me. If only I could have changed the voice to, say, David Hasslehoff or David Attenborough, everything would have been ok. But no, we were stuck with the extremely irritating generic option. Don’t get me wrong, I think sat nav is incredible in the way that it (mostly) gets you from A to B with minimal effort, but after a few hours, I was glad to turn it off.

Our destination, by the way, was the picturesque Watergate Bay in Newquay, Cornwall. I say picturesque but I didn’t actually know this until the following morning when I woke up. For when we arrived, it was dark, cold, windy and exceptionally rainy.

We were due to eat out in Newquay that evening but as soon as we stepped inside Endellion, one of the luxurious eco pads nestled in Watergate Bay’s cliff top, all we wanted to do was put our slippers on and watch TV in front of the fire. But not before donning our aprons to cook a delicious spaghetti carbonara using food items that were left for us by food4myholiday, of course.

Each of the beautiful holiday homes at Watergate Bay are fully equipped, with luxuries such as Cornishware crockery, a large bathroom with drench shower and freestanding bath and a bed so comfortable that I slept right through until the morning, something that I almost never do. And these beautiful and comfortable homes have a conscience too – energy efficient lighting, sedum grass roofs and a water pump that heats the water by extracting heat from the ventilator system.

The fire that I was talking about earlier was, unfortunately, not a real log fire and I wasn’t too sure about the material that was blown to resemble flames but it kept us toasty for the evening and was well needed whilst relaxing to watch Christmas films all evening. It was mid December after all.

After an incredible sleep, I woke up to yet more rain but fantastic views from the living room window. I couldn’t help wishing that it was warm and sunny as the sunbeds that sat on the large balcony looked very welcoming. We enjoyed a small breakfast before a short walk on the hill tops and a lovely lunch at Fifteen Cornwall before heading back to London.

I was sad to leave Endellion because I felt that I hadn’t stayed long enough to fully relax and enjoy my surroundings., I wanted to rip it out of the ground and transport it back to London with me. Perhaps I’ll build my own Endellion one day. Until then, the memory of total comfort lingers.

Food For Think was a guest at Endellion, Watergate Bay.

Watergate Bay

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