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Best brunch in London? Pancakes at The Delaunay

My first business breakfast was at The Wolseley. I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I walked through the door and was seated at my table. The menu was presented to me and I was overwhelmed – all of my favourite breakfast dishes listed on one piece of card. I wanted them all. I found it hard to make conversation with my guest before I chose; she must have thought I was a bit strange. I finally made my mind up and ordered the eggs benedict, a dish that firmly etched itself in my memory and one that many establishments fail to live up to.

So when I heard that the guys behind this magnificent and extremely glamorous restaurant situated in an old car showroom by Green Park on Piccadilly were opening a brand new restaurant in Aldwych, anticipation was high. The Delaunay is everything you would expect of the new restaurant. It has the same old school glamour, the same dark furnishings, deep green leather banquetes and the most fantastic old weathered clock that strikes you as soon as you walk into the room.

We sat down and my friend immediately shared some good news with me. The waitress overheard as she was placing the menus down in front of us, walked away and brought back a basket of mini pastries with her, armed with an edible congratulations biscuit. We were both thrilled as this meant we could now try the pastries AND order something else.

The menu is very similar to The Wolseley and features eggs anyway you like them, muesli, porridge, bagels and of course the obligatory full English. Unlike my first visit to The Wolseley, I knew what to expect so this time was prepared and ordered my pancakes with blueberries and crème fraiche (£9.75) almost straight away.


We tried a couple of the mini pastries before pulling ourselves away as we didn’t want to ruin the main event. It was hard considering they were rich, buttery and flakey – everything I love from a pastry.

Luckily the pancakes arrived quite quickly and my mouth nearly dropped with excitement as I saw the plate coming towards me. The waitress also plonked a large jug of maple syrup next to the plate. As if the pile of three huge pancakes, a perfectly formed crème fraiche quenelle and fresh blueberries wasn’t enough to set the taste buds fizzing, we also had an unlimited amount of maple syrup to play with. Heaven. Heaven heaven heaven is how I would describe my time eating the pancakes – some of the best I have ever had. They know what they are doing here.

The only negative part of my morning breakfast is the general lack of buzz in comparison to The Wolseley. As you enter the doors of The Wolseley, you immediately enter a bustling and rather loud dining establishment where raucus laughter and loud chit chat is not out of place. The Delaunay was distinctly quieter and I’m not totally sure why, apart from the fact that the tables immediately surrounding us were not occupied.

Nonetheless, this venue makes for a very pleasant and leisurely breakfast. I will definitely return, next time I’ll hopefully be able to resist those pancakes and opt for something a bit different. Every time I go out for brunch I tell myself I will order the granola or a slightly healthier option. But once I see those words etched into a menu, I’m hooked. And there’s no going back.

The Delaunay
55 Aldwych
020 7499 8558

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  1. Mondomulia says

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review, you have already convinced me to visit The Delauney very soon!! 🙂

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