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Wilton Way Cafe

It’s Saturday afternoon and we decided to head to Hackney today to visit a new food market. It’s dreary outside so we stopped off at Wilton Way Cafe on the way to Broadway Market.

Wilton Way Cafe is home to London Fields Radio and we sat down to enjoy a flat white whilst listening to good music.


I was surprised to find that a flat white is a mere £2.20, a far cry from central London prices. It arrived and was delicious and creamy, just perfect.

The cakes on offer look great with delights such as banana bread, courgette and lemon curd and gluten free plum and almond tart. Suppliers include E5 Bakehouse, Brindisa, Neals Yard and the Ginger Pig. The coffee is supplied by Climpsons and if you don’t fancy a hot drink, you can always enjoy a soft drink from Fentimans.

Furniture is reclaimed and the original wood floors have stayed. The back window looks out onto a lovely garden and the bar is lined with corrugated tin.

This cafe has free wifi so it’s a great little place to come and spend a lazy weekend.

Wilton Way Cafe
68 Wilton Way
E8 1BG

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