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Chipotle, Baker Street

On my way home a couple of weeks ago, I popped off the tube at Baker Street and went for a quick bite at Chipotle. It was early evening and I had deliberately saved some space during the day as I have experienced extreme fullness one too many times after eating huge burritos. And let’s face it, there is no such thing as a small burrito.

Shortly after I walked through the door at 6.30pm, there was already a sizable queue of eager hungry Mexican burrito loving customers waiting in line to get their fix. I chose a pork burrito with brown rice and all the trimmings, including an extra scoop of guacamole (£1.60).

I also enjoyed (shared!) a bag of tortilla chips (90p) with all three salsas – hot, medium and mild (£1.60 each). The medium and medium-hot, I am told, are produced using tomatillos – which on first glance look like under ripe tomatoes but taste like a cross between a tomato and an apple. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

The burrito was everything I had expected. It was big, of course, but also very tasty due to the delicious fillings, all home made on site. You won’t find tinned black beans or potted guacamole here.

A pork burrito will set you back (£6.95), which isn’t cheap but that’s the price you pay for well sourced ingredients well cooked fillings. Despite leaving room and a small bite of burrito in my basket, I was totally and utterly stuffed and remained that way until I went to bed that evening. Unbelievable.

I wouldn’t make a habit of having a burrito for dinner – I see it as more of a lunch time treat, albeit one that makes me roll back into the office and stare at the screen absent mindedly for the reminder of the afternoon. I’m lucky then, or not whichever way you look at it that Chipotle is coming to Soho soon. Exciting. Keep your eyes and noses peeled.

Food For Think was a guest at Chipotle

101 – 103 Baker Street

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