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Sponsored post: Milk & More

Can you remember the milk man? I can. He used to silently float down my road every morning, stopping at most houses on the street to deliver bottled milk straight to the front door. As a kid, I’d rush to the door, bring the milk bottles to the kitchen and quickly rip the top off and scoop out the cream that had gathered on the top of the bottle. In my eyes, you couldn’t beat a glass of milk and freshly baked cookie.

Fast forward almost 20 years (my goodness, has it been that long) and the traditional milk man is no more. These days, supermarket shelves are stocked high with all kinds of milk so it makes sense for shoppers to pick it up while they are there. But in recent years, internet shopping has really taken off. I recently came across a company that keeps the tradition of the old fashioned milk man that delivers milk (and more) direct to your door. Appropriately titled milk&more offers a wide range of groceries online, from milk and bread to washing up liquid, pet food and even fresh veg boxes. Customers can order up to 9pm the night before their next delivery and everything will be delivered promptly the next morning. Hurrah – the milk man is back!

milk&more3 (1)

For those that are time poor in the modern world (most people!), this is a great service from Dairy Crest that draws upon the heritage of Great Britain.

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