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Kitchen Parties – Rack & Ruin Review

As the sun set over London last night, Lucy and I approached a large Victorian corner building with black painted windows. We were to spend the evening at Kitchen Parties, an immersive dining, drinking and entertainment concept.

We entered into The Fourth Wall, the cocktail bar area, and sipped on a delicious lychee cocktail while we waited to be called to the table. The restaurant we chose to dine at was Rack & Ruin and we were to enjoy a ‘hearty three course banquet of delicious medieval style preserves and meats cooked on an open grill’.

When we eventually made it into the dining room, we were seated at a long banqueting table and told to visit ‘Peter’ with our wooden board (plate) so that he could carve us some meat. We could see the large open grill in front of us, which was adorned with huge chunks of barbecued meat, cooking away right in front of our eyes.

Our visit to Peter was surreal. A shady character, Peter pulled pieces of meat from the grill and hacked away at it in front of us, placing a big chunk on each of our boards. We received pork ribs, mutton, beef, chicken and pork belly and by the time he had finished, our boards were piled high of juicy looking meats.

The friendly waiter brought over an accompanying salad, some bread and home made preserves – mackerel pate, tzatziki and hummus – and told us that we could go back up for more whenever we wanted. I thought I could but the meat got the better of me and before I even finished my first boardI was stuffed to the gills.

We were treated to  a ‘light’ pudding of nectarine soaked rum (although Lucy complained that she couldn’t taste any booze) and chantilly cream before heading out into the night.

Kitchen Parties is a rolling programme that welcomes up to five temporary dining experiences at a time, changing every four to six weeks and is bringing something  completely original to London; the chance for exciting new talent in the restaurant industry to join together and move the scene forward a few paces.

We loved Rack & Ruin. It was a very fun evening, full of delicious food and drink and I can’t recommend it enough.

Visit the website for more information.

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