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Foods You Should Avoid To Keep Your Teeth As Healthy As Possible!

Let’s face it there’s nothing quite like having the perfect Hollywood-white smile to look and feel at your best in any given situation. Whether you are going to be giving a presentation, applying for a new job or looking to attract a good looking partner, the simple fact is that having your teeth in the best condition possible will always give you an advantage. However, little known to some people, does the fact that certain foods can seriously damage your teeth and rob you of your perfect smile without you even know it. Thankfully, once you know these foods, you can avoid them and keep your teeth as close to perfect as possible!

Here are the main foods you should avoid if you want to keep your teeth at their absolute best:

Diet Cola

In today’s hardworking society diet cola has become an acceptable drink to have several times a day as a sort of “energy-booster” type refreshment. With its caffeine content, zero calories and pleasant bubbly taste it’s easy to understand why. However, it is terrible for your teeth due to its extremely acidic nature which breaks down your teeth’s enamel. Over time this can gradually turn your teeth ever more yellow.

Dried Fruit

Most people tend to consider dried fruit in the form of raisins, dried papaya and pineapple and other such similar delicious delights as being healthy in every single way. What tends to be forgotten is that dried fruit has an especially high sugar content that is sometimes even higher than certain chocolate bars. That added to the fact that dried fruit tends to stick to teeth more readily than other foods, leading to more acidic corrosion of enamel throughout the day, means that dried fruit is not what you want your teeth exposed to. If you do feel that you want to eat it, then make sure you have a toothpick on hand to stop it getting stuck to parts of your teeth.

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream is a specific food item rather than a broader food category to try and avoid, however, it has been chosen for this list to underline two types of food substance you need to avoid to have healthy teeth. The first of these is coffee itself which, when consumed over time in any form (not just liquid), can stain your teeth really badly. The second of these is extremely cold foods. Frozen fruit, ice cubes, ice cream and other similar foods can damage your teeth due to the combination of how hard they are and the massive different in their temperature compared with what your teeth are used to.


The best dentists in the world, such as those top dentists in the London area and in New York, all advise their clients that there are certain foods that are best avoided to keep your perfect smile as pearly white as it can be. The list of foods above is a good start and should go a long way to helping you avoid the damage most people do to their teeth by eating them.


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  1. Diet cola may not have the calories, but it still has the acids that wear down enamel! If you do drink diet soda be sure to also drink water to rinse your mouth clean and keep those acids from attacking your enamel.

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