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A Tasty Tipple at Temple Brew House

Temple Brew House, London

Artisan beer-loving Londoners are invited down to Essex Street where they will find Temple Brew House, an on-site brewery in the heart of central London.

Temple Brew House is now offering private brewery tours by their very own house brewers. Food for Think was lucky enough to be invited on a tour with head brewer Venesa de Blas Montoya. As she took us to where the magic happens, Venesa explained that beer originated back in 7000BC though “It was the Egyptians who actually mastered the beer making process. They had 80 different recipes to make different beers and they took it quite seriously”. We are so grateful! Venesa revealed her brewing routine and provided some trade secrets for those considering experimenting at home. Tours are held routinely every month and also on request.

What would a brewery tour be without the tasting? Visitors can select a variety of tipples by ordering a ‘paddle’ of three 1/3 pint glasses. The Temp Ale, smooth and easy drinking, is brewed on site. As is the Gavel, a hoppy, citrus US-style pale ale. We also had a glass of Old Rosie Cider from the tap. The hand pulls rotate constantly so let the beer guru bar staff guide you and ask for a taste.

To soak up our beer we ordered a sharing platter which arrived on a large rustic tray with a colourful mountain of mouth watering dishes including salt & szechuan pepper squid, charred corn & roasted beets with herb butter, BBQ house-smoked brisket on toast, habanero and scotch bonnet & stout glazed chicken wings. The dish that stood out among the rest was the rich, succulent scotch duck egg with tomato & onion relish. Served warm, the egg inside was cooked soft and the peppered meat melted on the tongue. WOW. Manager, Andy Harris discussed the menu: “We were racking our brains about what food we wanted. A lot of our best beer has American influences so we chose to serve proper American grub.” The menu has everything you would expect to find in an informal American diner.

 The Temple Brew House is relaxed and inviting. These guys are clearly worship beer and we are glad they want to share their passion with the rest of us. All hail the drink of the gods!

Small Plates £4.50 – £7
Sharing Platters £25 – £37.50
Big Plates £9 – £18

46 Essex Street,


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