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Leave Hitler to Me, Lad

Leave Hitler to Me, Lad – A new theatre show explores the untold tale of a lost generation of children in the aftermath of World War II.


The Arts Theatre,
Leicester Square
London West End

The audience is taken on a journey through Brian’s childhood, as fictitious as it may be. The story is set at Great Stony School where friends Brian, Gladys and George wait patiently for their parents to collect them in post war Britain. Brian’s Dad is a war hero and he’s coming home any day! He’s been coming home for 7 years… Headmistress Miss Bates and welfare officer Mr Bill are all  they really know.

Heads turn when glamorous teenager Pam appears in Brian’s life when the truth of his past unravels. A shocking secret is revealed which will turn Brian’s world upside down, forever.

The show is based on the experiences of writer Haley Cox’s father and his school friends during their time at Great Stony residential school. He told her: “We didn’t all go back home on trains to London. We didn’t even know what our parents looked like.”

Set to win the hearts of all who watch, Leave Hitler to me Lad is at The Arts Theatre until 18 October 2015.

£15 – 18
Running until 18 October 2015

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