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The Three Compasses meets the Devonshire Coast



The Three Compasses, Dalston

Crab Burger4113




CLAW takes up residency in The Three Compasses for the next few months.


I don’t know any person who does not like the award winning Three Compasses in Dalston. With its dimly lit, French boudoir charm, you are always guaranteed a lovely environment to catch up with friends and loved ones while you enjoy a  drink from their wide variety of spirits and craft beers.

The Three Compasses operates a residency-only kitchen to give its customers a wide net of rotating menus featuring different street food superstars. The latest delicacies come from CLAW. Since January this year, founder Fabian Clark has tasked himself with putting the passion for crab back onto British plates, as Britain exports something to the tune of 80% of its crab to the rest of Europe.  On Wednesday we attended the press opening and were far from disappointed. The bar ran as normal and we promptly ordered two white wines and squeezed into a seat in the corner. The whole place was packed and the lovely girls from Roche were running around with bite size snacks from the menu. The CLAW menu offers five burgers each served in an organic soft brioche bun. There was also an offering of sides, which  include crab & mac, a seafood twist on the ultimate comfort food with a stringy mixture of Emmental, cheddar. As a cheese lover, this was my clear favourite of the evening. Other highlights included Jarlsberg crab and mozzarella arancini with harissa mayo.

I may be biased due to living 7 minutes away, however I think this latest pop up is another good reason to pop into The Three Compasses. CLAW will be resident at The Three Compasses from now until the end of January 2016.


Burgers priced between £9.50 and £11


99 Dalston Lane, London E8 1NH

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