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Car park dining at its finest – WILDFLOWER, Peckham

I don’t think I can keep up with the rate London changes. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and it’s definitely what makes me love this city so much.

The last time I went to Peckham, the multi-storey car park was merely an empty space with a cheap Campari bar with a good view on the roof. Last Friday however, turned out to be a shock when I visited Wildflower.

Hailed by Time Out as one of London’s best new restaurants, this veggie / vegan heaven was top of my list of places to try. Not that I’m vegetarian, or vegan for that matter… but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a great meat free dish.

So off and I trotted off to Peckham Levels. It was the launch night of open studios, so it was fairly busy around the building. Wildflower however wasn’t quite full when we arrived – but was on its way there – diners making their way to eat well executed veggie fare, drink innovative cocktails and listen to the DJ post 8pm.

We ordered a range of dishes to share, including hummus with fluffy pitta; roasted trombetta courgettes with wild garlic pesto, rocket and hazlenuts; asparagus, tarragon, almonds & herb dressing, and my personal favourite – cauliflower with… wait for it… one of the most amazing taste sensation surprises I’ve had in a long time – MARMITE SAUCE! Not only did it come with marmite sauce, but was also garnished with radishes, tiny pickled onions and cornichons – for extra flavour and texture.

To drink I had wine and had the habanero prosecco cocktail. I wasn’t sure and thought he might have ordered the wrong thing – but you know what? It worked.

Wildflower isn’t the right place to go if you want to laze around in comfort all night – instead, it’s a place to go with a group of friends, have a few drinks, get your hands dirty with the amazing food, listen to music and enjoy the minimal surroundings.

If I had to say anything at all negative, it is that some of the dishes lacked seasoning – but personal preference is the key here. I personally load my food with rock salt, so anything other than a few pinches of salt can taste like too little to me.

Otherwise, Wildflower is a pearler. Never has car park dining been finer.

Address: Peckham Levels – Level 5, 95a Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST
Phone: 020 3735 3775

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