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Edwins – a neighbourhood GEM

Hallelujah. That’s all I have to say. Blog post finished. Thanks, folks – see you next time.

Oh, you know I’m joking. Silly me. How could I possibly not spend the next couple of minutes waxing lyrical about one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in a wee while.

You see, last week my boyfriend and I popped our heads into Edwins to taste the brand new summer menu.

I had heard of Edwins before, and although I couldn’t remember specifically how I knew about it, for some reason in the back of my mind I knew it would be good. And you know what? It exceeded all expectations. What is EVEN better is that I moved literally just around the corner from the little neighbourhood bistro / wine bar only a few weeks ago.

On a hot and sticky London summer night, we slopped up the tiny stairway to enter into the beautiful creaky floored Victorian dining room – the kind of place you’d love to grab a corner and snuggle up with a bottle or two of red on a cold winter’s night. Learning that it used to be home to Edwin Brady’s Victorian curiosity shop ‘Hole in the Wall’, which existed in that very space well over a century ago, didn’t surprise me at all.

But what was the food like? Well, reader – let me tell you that Edwins was so good that not only has our friend already visited a few days after we waxed lyrical about it over a glass of wine somewhere else in London, but my boyfriend claimed that he would pay £150 for a delivery of a bucket of the scallops wrapped in filo pastry – think budget KFC style chicken and replace it with almost £3 a pop tender scallops wrapped in the flakiest thin stripes of filo imaginable and served with harissa mayo. Like crack, I tell you… like crack. Not that I’ve ever tried crack, or wish to for that matter – but you get the gist. They were THAT good, it even made my boyfriend think the dish was better than the lobster ravioli – two of his favourite things in life. Yep. These little beauties came between a man and his pasta. That’s real.

For main we both eyed up the lamb, but he got there first. So I opted for the whole marinated sea bream with a fennel and pear salad. Oh my – not only was it massive, but it was so tender and juicy. The marinade also had a lovely little kick to it, which is very different to the usual lemon and garlic dressed fish I’m usually served in a restaurant.

The lamb – well, let’s just say I had slight food envy. I’m practically dripping saliva onto my keyboard as I recall this and type. And knowing that my friend is there right now this very minute tucking into the lamb – cooked to perfection in three different ways, as well as nibbling on the bloody lovely braised leaks and aubergine that come with it, is making a completely different facial liquid join the saliva on my keyboard. Tears, people… TEARS.

I realise I’m going overboard tonight, but I’m enjoying myself. I haven’t even got to the best part yet. Oh no, because what I saw next on the wine list was going to make my day, month, and year. Our favourite Malbec sat there looking very pretty and very sumptuous – so of course, we had to snap up a bottle. Chateau Musar – a great wine with a great story. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

For dessert we shared a Tarte Tatin. I can’t say I can remember it all that much – was it because by that time I was 3 glasses of wine down, or is it because it wasn’t all that memorable? Well, if I could remember I’d tell you – but I can’t, so I’m sorry.

If I haven’t said it already – Edwins is my new favourite gem. And bank balance permitting, there’ll be plenty of trips, come rain, sunshine, or windy sleet and snow.

Until next time, you amazing beast.

Upstairs 202–206
Borough High Street

0207 403 9913

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