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The Winter Cabin at York and Albany

Where The  Winter Cabin, York and Albany What Situated in the Courtyard of Gordon Ramsey’s York and Albany is the winter cabin, an alpine ski lodge experience serving festive cocktails and canapés. The picture of winter chic, located on a quiet corner of Regents Park, you would never guess this hidden gem was mere minutes from the mania of Camden tube. The Experience We took the Northern line from Bank to Camden, sweaty as always, I thought to myself. If this was a first date, I’m pretty sure I have been closer to most people on this tube than dates I have been on of late. I went with Hannah, a colleague who had started in my team the week before. She is amusing, likes food and at the end of a long working day is still good company, needless to say a great partner for dining. We arrived and were politely shown through to the courtyard. The York and Albany is lovely, like a drawing room; it is cosy and welcoming without an air …

Harvey Nichols Christmas Hamper

It’s that time of year again. This year I’ll be swapping the Turkey for a BBQ on Christmas Day, but I still need to present my family with Christmas presents before I leave these shores. I recently came across a great hamper, the contents of which are perfect for my dad – a coffee and preserves lover. This christmas hamper from Harvey Nichols is making its way to him next week before I leave. He doesn’t know it yet, so I hope he’s not reading… The Harvey Nichols Rise & Shine hamper consists of: Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee 227g English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 125g Gooseberry Preserve 340g Strawberry Preserve 340g Acacia Honey with Honeycomb 250g Surfers Mug Baci di Dama Mug Prosecco NV 375ml The Rise & Shine hamper is priced at £65 and available from the Harvey Nichols website.