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Salad Days Lunch Delivery

What Salad Days office-delivered lunches make you feel nourished and ready to take on the afternoon. Providing tasty balanced food to London work places 7 days a week, from team meetings to office events, they have you covered. Where Order from Salad Days Website Experience At the start of the working week I have the best intentions to prepare fancy, healthy lunches to take to work, but it hardly ever materialises. Instead, I pop out to the same places, all within a 100 metre radius from the office. When I saw the Salad Days menu online, I scoured the photographs with sheer excitement. Of course Salad Days sell salads, but also wraps, fruit boxes, dips, platters, breakfast and (my favourite) pudding. Hand delivered to my office door was a box of Salad Days’ finest Marinaded Grilled Halloumi. I opened the box to find it filled with grilled slices of succulent halloumi, roasted butternut squash, rainbow slaw, rocket, sumac and bulgar wheat. I squeezed the accompanying lemon wedge, drizzled the house vinaigrette over everything and tucked …

Dining in with Deliveroo

Imagine you are sat at your desk, stomach murmering, your inbox filling up rapidly. You don’t have time to nip out and the work canteen food is certainly not appealing. What to do? Well, you could work straight through lunch and risk treating your poor colleagues to a snappy temper tantrum, or you could order one of your favourite restuarant meals to your desk. That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago and spent one desk time lunch tucking into a Brindisa feast. Deliveroo has partnered with a range of leading independent chain restaurants across London and is currently revolutionising the London dining scene. With restaurants such as Busaba Eathai, Carluccio’s, Cay Tre, Princi and Tommi’s Burgers (to name a few) on the books, hungry foodies can order their favourite dishes to their door in as little as 30 minutes. Orders of restaurant-quality food for home delivery can be placed at Deliveroo.

Friday Night Takeaway with JUST EAT

If you are familiar with my blog, Twitter or Instagram profiles, you will know that I eat out a lot – so much so that I’m slightly worried I might be developing a bit of a problem. Over the weekend I visited not one but seven eating establishments. SEVEN! I do have an excuse, though – my mum was in town for a couple of days and her being a fellow foodie and all, there was a lot to show her. As much as I love eating out, it’s nice to stay in once in a while. Usually when I stay in I’ll cook, but a couple of weeks ago I was asked to try takeaway ordering from JUST EAT, the world’s leading online takeaway ordering service, which allows you to order in real-time from your local independent takeaway restaurant. It was a Friday evening when I decided to try JUST EAT. My friend was coming around to view a spare room in my house and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch …