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Festival of Heat

What The Festival of Heat: London’s Chilli Festival is back on 25 September 2016 Where Red Market 288 Old Street EC1V 9LA Experience Preparations are hotting up for London’s spiciest food festival at Shoreditch’s culinary hub, Red Market. Workshops, tasting sessions, supplies, music and deliciously confusing chilli infused drinks await. Last year was my first Festival of Heat experience. I cooked my own infused chilli oil, which has been keeping my pizza crusts happy all year. The festival focus is on eating, growing and cooking chillies, and is designed for those who like to add a little heat to their mealtimes. This year, vendors keeping our bellies happy include Ayam Happy – White Men Can’t Jerk – Agua Na Boca amd Purbeck Ice Cream. See you at the tasting stall. Cost Early Bird Ticket £10 here Door Price £15

Maltby Street Market

Ok – so I have a new favourite place. I came across the Bermondsey arches on Maltby Street a few weeks ago and then found out that some food traders that either produce or store their goods in the arches hold stalls every Saturday from 9-2pm. A new food market is born. Some are hailing it as the ‘new Borough Market’, although the two really aren’t terribly alike. For starters, each trader sells their products directly out of their arch so as we walked down Druid Street to the St John bakery, it didn’t look like there was a lot of action going on. It’s only when you reach Booth’s the greengrocers that you realise you’ve hit the market. You’ll probably see a few customers ambling about, armed with their baskets full of fruit and veg, some of which you won’t find at a local supermarket. I missed out on purchasing anything here as I knew that I’d be out all day so I didn’t want to be carrying too much around with me. However, …