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BPRsummitI have to say that yesterday evening’s #bprsummit at The Rubens hotel has somewhat inspired me to write a blog post. I myself work in food PR, albeit for a few months. As you may be able to tell from my previous posts (however sparse), I love food. I love eating, I love baking, I love talking about food and I love Reading about food. My personal journey started after my mums love for baking took shape and honesty, this was in the last couple of years. I am a self confessed music lover and always thought this would be my calling but after a few stints at a well known social networking company and a ‘fantastic’ fashion/music magazine and being subjected to a mass throng of industry insiders I decided it was not for me, thanks.

I was at the right place at the right time with the right experience for my job. I joined Wild Card as a junior account executive (technical and digital) and my job is to facilitate the knowledge and learning for the rest of the Wild Card team along with learning about traditional PR methods. On a day to day basis I contact print journalists and increasingly bloggers. Now, this has been a hasty subject for a while now and the #brpsummit was a fantastic way to introduce bloggers to PRs. I learnt how they like to be approached and also how other agencies work in terms of blogger relations.

The speakers for the evening included Luchford PR , Sarah Canet, Oliver ‘thringforyoursupper’ Thring, Tim Hayward and Anthony Silverbrow.

It was great to hear the opinions of those that really do matter to me, the bloggers. There were many laughable ‘#prfail’s’ mentioned but I really think that it boils down to common sense. I put myself in a bloggers shoes and I know that I would not want to be receiving countless samples and press releases that weren’t relevant to my blog, what I write about.

As a PR, I took away from the summit some very important ‘rules’, which I will abide to when I make my approaches.

  • Never assume that a blogger will want to write about a product that I offer them
  • ALWAYS read the blog and tailor my approach
  • Do not contact too many bloggers with the same products. No one wants to write about the same things at the same time!

If any of you have seen the blog post on the Wild Card blog, I am in fact the graduate that has been hired to facilitate the digital knowledge and learning of the whole of Wild Card and I am loving it. Everyone wants to learn and it is an exciting time for us all indeed.

Other bloggers that kept me interested last night:
Lizzie of Hollowlegs
Chris of cheesenbiscuits
Daniel of Young and foodish

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