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The icing on the cake

Weddings can always be a heated affair. My cousins wedding was no exception, the expected family spats and drunken loons dancing around the dance floor having one too many shandies. Despite this, I actually enjoyed the evening.

I was aware that my mum was going to be producing 250 wedding cupcakes for the event. This was her first wedding so as you can probably imagine, she was nervous. I arrived at home on Friday evening and journeyed into the kitchen. Let me tell you, our kitchen is not big, it is awfully small but I walked in and saw a mountain of cupcakes sat on a beautiful cake stand. I knew she was a good cake maker but I had no idea she was THAT good. They looked perfect, each one decorated with a perfect white icing, black butterflies or a silver ball. She had made a square cake for the top tier, a little something for the bride and groom to save until their first wedding anniversary. She had even provided mini cupcakes for the children. My job was to decorate and I couldn’t think of anything more that i’d liked to be doing on that Friday evening. I set to work sprinkling with red, purple, bright pink sparkles, marshmellows, smarties and blue, green and cream butter cream.
Mini cupcakes
The main event was unveiled to a gaggle of ‘ooos’ and ‘aahs’. The flavors on show included butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, white chocolate chip and lemon.
Wedding cake stand
Maybe i’m being bias or maybe I just haven’t been to enough weddings but it’s the best wedding cake that i’ve ever seen!

I’ll be making some cupcakes for sale at the KiosKiosK by the mayors office on the Southbank, London on Sunday 23rd August. Come down, say hello and try a cake or two!

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