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The Ivy on a Wednesday evening

Due to the fact that you aren’t allowed to take photos inside The Ivy, unfortunately there are no photos of the food, sorry!

The Ivy

I am lucky enough to have been to The Ivy a few times before and was excited to hear that my boyfriend’s grandma was coming down from Blackburn this week for her birthday treat – The Ivy.
It’s not a restaurant, however that I want to shout about visiting. There are foodies that will tell you your money is better off spent elsewhere, after all I do live in London, a city rich with impressive restaurants. There are also the people who haven’t been who may feel you’re in for the best meal of your life.

I like The Ivy and I have to say I never thought I would get to go (I had wanted to for years). The food is simple and delicious, although I have had the same dish my last couple of visits. The first time I went was my 21st birthday – my boyfriend had booked in and surprised me. It was my first taste of fine dining since I arrived in London (2 years at the time). We were a relatively new couple and he wanted to really treat me – he did but I wouldn’t get anything like that now! (joke) I took him to Scotts for his birthday this year, which was truly disappointing. One of the reasons might have been that I could only get a table at 10pm and the other was probably the ounce of butter on my fish making me feel queasy. The Ivy, for me, is twice as good.

I’ll give you a run down of what everyone had. There were 6 of us but some of us had the same dishes.


Yellow fin tuna sashimi with ginger and fragrant shoots
Hot smoked duck and provence fig salad

I am not a fan of wasabi and I have to say I was a little tipsy as a result work drinks at Bedford and Strand before hand. I picked up one of the last pieces of tuna with my chopsticks and shoved it in my mouth. Big mistake – all of the wasabi resided here. I had to hide my wasabi face and luckily only one person seemed to notice.


Thai baked sea bass with fragrant rice and black bean dressing
Spaghetti ‘a la genovese’
Shalgam gosht with cumin rice, mint yoghurt and paratha
Griddles scallops

One of the party hardly ate the main for it being too salty, it was over seasoned but the mutton was tender. My fish was faultless and it was gone within minutes. The spaghetti looked simple and apparently tasted fantastic.


Honeycomb ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
Scandinavian iced berries with hot White chocolate sauce
Vanilla cheesecake with ruby plum compote
Creme brûlée

I had the cheesecake with ruby plum compote and I’m not entirely sure why. I bang on and on about how the iced berries are my favourite and then go for something completely different at the last minute. I was, unfortunately slightly disappointed as it wasn’t bursting with flavour and it wasn’t light and velvety in texture, which is what I expect from a good cheesecake. The ruby plum compote neither made my taste buds rejoice. I of course sampled some of the ice cream and chocolate sauce, delightful. Well, you can’t go wrong there though can you?

As much as I enjoy the atmosphere, food and experience at dining at one of the worlds most famous restaurants I’m not sure I want to go again for a while. I’m scared of becoming over familiar, making the experience feel less special. I now want to sample the delights of other restaurants that London has to offer like The Wolseley (been for amazing breakfast but want to try dinner), Hakkasan, L’Autre Pied, Wild Honey and Bumpkin (bank balance permitting).

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