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I was walking home from the tube last night and looked at my watch thinking it must have been close to 11pm. I was so wrong, it was 9.25pm.

I left work near 6pm and managed to pack three activities in that didn’t even feel rushed. Firstly I went to leaving drinks at Bedford and Strand then hopped on a tube to Oxford Street and met up with Jack, his sister, mum, dad and little brother in Topshop. A few purchases later and we were off to Dream Vault on Great Titchfield Street for the Drakers magazine 75th birthday bash.

We stayed at the party for a few canapés and a glass of champagne and were straight out the door with goody bag in arm, which contained some rather strange items including cycling shorts that promise to take 3,5 cms off your thighs and 5,5 cms off your hips if you wear them for 21 days straight. Naturally, I’m wearing them today and have to say they’re really rather comfortable. Only problem is that you can see them poking out from the bottom of my dress. If anyone is wondering what that is, now you know!

Jacks parents decided that Strada was a good option for dinner as it was nice and close – we arrived to a 45 (!!) minute queue so went on the search for a better option. We started walking toward Cavendish Square where the car was parked and stumbled across an Italian pasta and pizza establishment called Vapiano. The neon lights outside weren’t enough to put anyone off, impatience was running high so in we went and I recognised it instantly. My friend and I had come across a branch in Berlin when traveling Europe three years ago.

They had various different home made pasta varieties including spelt varieties, good for the wheat free people out there. I opted for a simple yet satisfying Caprese pizza.

The rest of the party went for pasta. Carbonara, Chicken Alfredo and Arrabbiata with a fantastic amount of chili.

How it works:

Each person gets a card upon entry
Order at relevant spot and swipe card
Either watch it made in front of you or take a tag away to your table that vibrates when your food is ready
Take your card to the till when finished to pay

The whole meal for 4 main courses (Jacks dad shared with his mum and jack – the portions were nice and large) with 2 soft drinks and one
glass of wine came to £39. We left fully satisfied an hopped back on the tube back home.

All of that in 3 1/2 hours and I was back in time to watch the 10 o’clock news, brilliant.

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  1. Oooh, that looks a lot like a place I went to in Budapest last year! It didn’t have the vibrating thing though. I must check it out!

    The cycling shorts though… do they expect you to wear the same pair of shorts 21 days straight??

    • Food for think says

      That was my initial thought but upon closer inspection of the packet I saw that they they last up to 30 washes, good news!

      I would go if you are at a loose end in Central London and are looking for some cheap, fresh Italian food. It’s my favourite cuisine so it was a good place to stumble upon when we were in need of dinner.

  2. Ok, just went to their website and really really hate the way they call it “a fuel stop for grownups”. Fuel??

    • Sarah's food palace says

      I agree with you there – reading that before eating there may put me off slightly. However, I think what they’re trying to say (what I got out of the restaurant anyway) is that it is quick, simple and well priced food. I thought i’d blog about it because I think that it is a hundred times better than pizza express and cheaper.

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