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Sushi Say – Willesden Green

I had been wanting to go to Sushi Say for a number of months since I heard about it through a friend, especially since it is situated about 20 minutes from my house in Willesden Green. My boyfriend and I were looking for somewhere to go to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and he doesn’t exactly get exited about events like this so it was down to me. I booked a table a week before because from past experiences it had always been fully booked.

When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly Japanese staff and a bevvy of Japanese locals sat around the sushi bar. Walking further back we headed to our table, nestled between a mother and son and two Italian men. The menu came and although extensive I knew what I wanted – sushi and lots of it. We were both hungry so I think even by our standards we ordered a lot of food.

The first plates to arrive were the dumplings, edamame and White fish (which we were told was Seahorse(!!!!)before ordering). The edamame
was crunchy and hot, just the way I like it but the dumplings and fish (even the batter) were disappointing. It was only on my last bite that
the fishy taste of the dumplings shone through.

Next came the salmon sashimi, which is my favourite sushi dish. About a year ago I developed a mild addiction, I worked near a branch of
Wasabi and took a trip to purchase a portion of salmon sashimi almost daily… Then there were the dreams and cravings that haunted me. Luckily (for my pocket and not my waistline) this craving seems to have evaporated and a new fondness for chocolate has taken over. I remember this starting after I had baked the best chocolate brownie I have ever tasted – I’ll share the recipe soon.

The next dishes to arrive were California rolls and spicy salmon rolls. I failed to notice on the menu, as Jack gleefully pointed out to me that the sushi contained a thin layer of wasabi between the layers. I don’t hate wasabi but I don’t like it and because of that I didn’t enjoy the sushi much. Moreover the rice didn’t taste as fresh as cheaper London sushi establishments.

So far, not so good but then came our main. We shared the black cod – by this time we were starting to feel horribly full but the cod was
not large so we managed it. It was a delight, utterly tender and literally melted away in the mouth. We each had a bite of the pink pickle that lay on top of the fish – it was vinegar central but delicious.

The bill, with service charge came to £68.00 and with only one drink (can of 7 Up) I would say that is quite pricey compared to other London sushi establishments that I have been to. The exception being Sake No Hana, where the sushi tasted so fresh I was surprised that there’s no seaside in London! But I don’t want to compare the two because they clearly provide different dining experiences.

I would recommend Sushi Say for their range of hot dishes but as sushi is the main attraction for me, I’ll stick to what I know best.

Address: 33B Walm Lane, Willesden, NW2 5SH
Number: 020 8459 2971
Tube: Willesden Green
Tues-Fri 1-2.30pm 6.30-10.30pm
Sat-Sun 1-3.15pm 6-11pm (Sun -10pm)

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  1. I liked Sushi Say, but not the way we were treated – we weren’t allowed to sit at the sushi bar, as apparently it was closed at lunchtimes – and yet another family came in and plonked themselves down. Hmmpff. It means that I won’t return.

    Do try Sushi Hiro if you can be bothered to schelp it to Ealing – it’s my favourite place so far.

    • Food for think says

      Always grateful for new sushi restaurant recommendations – thank you, I will definitely try it out.

      That’s very rude – I wouldn’t be best pleased with that either. Considering the praise that it gets, I thought it would be a better experience.

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