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Saturday wasn’t the best day. I had been out to the Rizla boat party on Friday evening and not made it to bed until gone 3am. I awoke at 9am, trudged to the supermarket to buy a few missing ingredients for my chocolate, pecan and caramel brownies for the Great Brownie Bake Off, organised by Louise from The Chocolate Consultancy at Look Mum No Hands. I never made it… my brownies burnt so I retreated to the sofa for a nap.

At about 4pm, my stomach started rumbling and as there was no food worth cooking in the house, I decided that I would head into Soho to satisfy my hangover. Polpetto sprung to mind at first but I decided against that as I didn’t want my first visit ruled by my need for stodge.

So, Koya it was. Don’t get me wrong when I say that this is the perfect hangover food – because it is perfect all of the time. This was my second time dining at Koya and my second time ordering cold udon noodles with a hot broth. Last time I visited, I had pork and miso paste broth and this time I opted for chicken. You can rarely beat udon noodles, they’re uber tasty and ridiculously satisfying.


Koya is talk of the town at the moment and quite rightly so. The concept of cold noodles at first put me off… then I realised that I was being very narrow minded, shouted at myself and placed the order. How glad was I?!? VERY.

I also ordered a side of ‘fish and chips’, boyfriends’ choice of course. The dish came and I was delighted to see little pieces of cod tempura and lotus root chips in front of me. The cod was extremely tender and the ‘chips’ made for a perfect crunchy addition.


I was tempted by one of the specials, mackerel sashimi, but I don’t think my stomach could have handled a full meal and two sides. Let’s hope it’s on the menu another time when I return, which I will, very often!

All this talk of food is making my stomach rumble so I’m off to make dinner! I wish udon noodles were waiting to be cooked but I’ll just have to make do with linguine carbonara!

49 Frith Street
London W1D 4SQ
020 7434 4463

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  1. Rizla boat party? Was that full of people smoking? Sounds ghastly! Udon noodles on the other hand…

    • Food for Think says

      Nooo – no people smoking. They sponsor a few music events – was very fun!

      Udon noodles – mmmm.

    • Food for Think says

      Thank you – I do know what you mean actually! The cod is so fantastic and tender though…

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