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Sunday Upmarket Ethiopian lunch

I wish that the UK had a better street food offering.

I have heard rumours of great street food in countries such as Brazil and Canada and even though I haven’t been lucky enough to visit those places, I truly believe that their offering is better than ours.

How many times have you succumb to the dirty ‘illegal’ hot dog smell that wafts your way after leaving a club at 2am? Similarly, how many times have you had no choice but to purchase a dodgy cardboard burger when at an event? One of the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen is a burger van in the B&Q car park at the weekends. What?!? Surely there could be something tastier to cater for these DIYers food needs?

The best street food I have experienced has been the Mexican trucks that frequent the pavements in New York. I was in my element when, after a few cans of ‘Pabst Blue Ribbon’ at Union Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I was able to drift out to the terrace and purchase a big juicy, delicious taco, topped with a wedge of fresh lime and a sprinkle of coriander (or cilantro as they call it).

Despite our rather lacklustre offering, it is great to see a range of cuisines available under one roof at Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane. Each Sunday, a number of food stalls sell their very own homemade traditional dishes from their home country. I will travel all the way from Wembley to Liverpool Street to taste the Ethiopian delights available at one stall in particular.


A couple of years ago I might have opted for a chicken curry with rice and a dumpling. That was until I was introduced to the ‘three sauce’ Ethiopian wrap. I still haven’t deciphered what the sauces are but they take a injera, a traditional Ethiopian pancake, smother it in the three sauces and wrap it up. It’s served with salad and a couple of dollops of the sauces on offer. I’m told the green one is very hot! It turns out it’s not too bad – I could still taste my food, which was a good sign.


At £5, I’d say it’s one or the best value dishes on offer at the Market but there are an array of cuisines on offer including Japanese, Mexican and Chinese. Not to mention the cakes – check out Kooky Bakes for a sweet treat to end your lunch on a high note!

Sunday Upmarket
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL
020 7770 6028


  1. the UK has an amazing street food offering if you live in east london!! 🙂 I eat at Broadway Market every Saturday and hang around Sunday Upmarket and even down further Brick Lane (amazing falafels, dim sum and ribs – not at all once) all day on Sundays. Next time you come to the East let me know!

    • Food for Think says

      Yea East London is definitely the best but wouldn’t it be amazing to have it in Central London too???! I live so far away from the good street food, not fair 😦

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