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Drink Shop & Do

My dream is to open somewhere like Drink Shop & Do. Everything in this quaint cafe in Kings Cross is for sale – crafts, vintage tea sets, 1950’s dressers and unusual tables and chairs. Plus, they serve home made Cakes, Ice Cream, Speciality Teas and even Cocktails.


They hold a range of events and are open to serve afternoon teas, lunch and the have a licence to serve cocktails at what they call ‘Cocktail o’clock’.


The shop is in two parts – a sweet shop in the front as you walk in plus a range of designer crafts for sale – even wool and knitting needles if you wish to have an afternoon nit in the cafe up at the top.


Then it’s up the stairs to the high ceilinged cafe. We sat on a large round glass table with mis matched vintage chairs – there were a few board games under the table to play if you wanted.


There is a selection of food available from Sandwiches, Pork Pies and Quiche to home made Goulash Soup. We opted to share a couple of portions of the Goulash Soup, which came with a hefty wedge of Tiger Bread and the Quiche, which came with a delicious Lentil salad.


The only downside was that the Quiche was cold – we should have checked before we ordered but it’s not something that we were keen on eating on a cold snowy day.


The Tea came in mis matched vintage tea sets, which looked beautiful – i’m a sucker for old tea sets.

One day, maybe in a few years, my dream will come true.

Drink, Shop & Do
9 Caledonian Road
N1 9DX
0203 343 9138


  1. serenasnoad says

    It’s a lovely place isn’t it? I had afternoon tea there on Friday and it was wonderful. Little sandwiches, cocktails, ginger beer and ice cream out of a tea cup with a ‘Sydney Harbour’ spoon.

    • Food for Think says

      Sounds lovely! I want to go back for cocktails one evening, bet it’s wonderful.

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