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Beaches Cafe, Cottesloe

When it’s 40 degrees in the midday sun, it’s better to wake up early and have a walk along the beach or around the river.

So on Boxing Day, we did just that. 9am and the beach was mobbed with people walking and playing with their dogs – it was great to see. We worked up a breakfast hunger and after our walk headed to Cottesloe to get some brunch.

The place we went last year for an amazing brunch was unfortunately closed so we wandered down the front and reached Beaches Cafe. It was very busy – probably because it was one of the only places open for breakfast.

You order your food at the counter and pay – cash only. As there were 9 of us, we had to pay a deposit and run to the bank. They serve a wide range of juices and smoothies plus hot and cold breakfasts. They also have around three specials each day.

One of our party asked for one of the smoothies to be made with Soya Milk instead of Apple Juice, to which the girl that was serving replied ‘I don’t make it with Apple Juice’. Slightly shocked, our party member asked if they were ready made. Her reply was no but that she just doesn’t make it like that. Eventually she budged.

I ordered the Pancakes with Banana, Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream, my boyfriend ordered the Eggs Benedict and there were a few other dishes ordered, along with Chocolate Milkshake and three smoothies.


The Pancakes arrived and I was shocked at the size of them – four massive Pancakes drenched in Maple Syrup with a mound of Banana and Whipped Cream. Yum. Not delicious but good. My boyfriends Eggs Benedict was again good, but not great. The Hollandaise sauce looked slightly orange, rather than an enticing creamy colour and the Ham tasted slightly plastic like. The egg was cooked perfectly and the yolk burst out all over the Muffin.


The smoothies arrived and one of them was wrong and one of them was warm – not a good start. They were sent back and took so long to come back out that we eventually cancelled them. My boyfriends dad ordered a Raspberry Pastry tart, which also never turned up so a refund was in order for the smoothies and the tart. As soon as they brought the money out, they brought with it another Chocolate Milkshake and the illusive Raspberry tart to say sorry. Why they could not have brought this out as quickly after we ordered it I do not know.

The staff were extremely rude and the service was terrible. Maybe it was the fact that they seemed overrun with customers and there were hardly enough staff to deal with it.

The food was ok but I’ve come to expect more from brunch in Australia because I’ve had so many good experiences and at $16.50 for Pancakes, they could do better. But having said that, this cafe was the equivalent of a greasy spoon in the UK and I really know which one I would prefer. I’d love to be able to go to the beach in the UK and order a huge portion of fat Pancakes from a beach cafe! There’s hope yet.

Beaches Cafe
122 Marine Pde
Cottesloe, 6011
(08) 9384 4412

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