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Sayers, Leederville

Another day, another early beach walk followed by a delicious brunch. This time – Sayers in Leederville, my favourite suburb in Perth.

Having had one of the best brunches of my life here last year, the visit this morning was highly anticipated. Having already had French Toast and Pancakes, I decided to go for a savoury option.

Three of us decided to share two savoury dishes and then get the Crepes with Hot Chocolate dipping sauce and Peanut Brittle for pudding. The breakfast menu is pretty large and Sayers pride themselves on providing the best quality ingredients including locally baked Barrett’s Bread, fresh free range eggs from Pioneer Farms, Perth Pura Milk and 5 Senses Coffee.

We shared the Claypot of Sayers Coriander and Cumin Beans, Baba Ganoush, Poached Egg & Toasted Rosemary Oiled Turkish Bread and the Potato Rosti, Poached Eggs, Bacon, Onion Jam, Lemon and Scented Wilted Spinach.

My boyfriend ordered the beans last year and they stuck in his memory – we have recreated this dish a few times over the last year when we’ve had time for a lazy Sunday brunch. The Chickpeas and Butterbeans are slow cooked in a tomato sauce and topped with a perfectly runny Poached Egg. I didn’t try and of the Baba Ganoush as I’m not a fan of Aubergines but the Coriander sauce was fantastic – almost like Pesto.

The Potato Rosti came as a fat wedge, accompanied by two slices of Bacon with the Onion Jam slathered on top of the Rosti. I didn’t notice at the time but they had substituted the Spinach for Rocket – I do prefer Rocket so in retrospect it was probably better! There were also two Poached Eggs on the top, again cooked perfectly and with a sprinkling of delicious fresh Parmesan.

We finished the two savoury dishes and moved onto the Crepes. I have to say that they were slightly disappointing. They came in a fancy bowl with rounds of Orange, which was not on the menu and not to any of our liking! The hot Chocolate Sauce that came in a small bowl was faultless but the Crepes themselves were doughy and not cooked properly. This however is no reflection on the cafe and when I told the waitress, she gladly took them away and promptly replaced them with a fresh batch. We realised that the batter might be too floury because apart from being slightly browner and crispier on the outside, the middle was still quite doughy.

My boyfriends sister had her own dish – the Nutty Muesli with Poached Pear, Yoghurt and Honey. I was slightly jealous as this was what I had my mind on before we arrived at the Cafe due to seeing it last year and liking the look of it. The only reason that I didn’t order it is because I think I could have that anywhere and make it just as good myself.

Sayers also have a wide range of freshly baked cakes (amazing flourless chocolate cake) although it’s expensive even for one slice. At $7, it’s worth getting the breakfast.

The coffee is also exceptional. Aussies often complain about the Brits coffee when they come over to the UK and I can see why. I tasted (or should I say stole about 1/3) of my boyfriends Latte and it was beautifully creamy and not too strong.

I only have another 8 days in Perth and I’m praying that I’m going to find a moment to go back to order the Muesli for myself.

224 Carr Pl Shop 1
Leederville, 6007
(08) 9227 0429

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