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Bar du Marche, Soho

Bar du Marche is an intimate no frills French restaurant in Soho. Don’t go expecting haute cuisine because you won’t get it. Instead what you will get is reasonably well cooked simple French food.

Six Snails arrived swimming in a welcome Garlicky and Parsley Butter and we used the left over Bread from the basket presented to you upon arrival (which you are actually charged £1.60 for!) to soak up the remnants of the dish… It went back to the kitchen spotless.


I chose Moule Marinière for main as I’d had a heavy lunch and needed something light. I wouldn’t say it’s the best dish I’ve ever eaten, nor would I say it’s the worst. It was good – if only slightly too much celery for my liking.


The Tarte Tatin dessert was nothing to write home about – the pastry was soggy but the apples had a nice caramel taste (although my fellow diner thought that it was burnt!) I was unsure as to why a suspicious looking Mr Whippy style strawberry sauce had been poured over the whipped cream. I was also slightly alarmed at how quickly it came out after we had placed the order (about 2 minutes!)


I didn’t try the wine but my companion did and she wasn’t complaining. I stuck to the tap water and I wasn’t complaining either.

The service was faultless, a very happy and hospitable French man was on hand to provide us with entertainment and make us feel very welcome.

If you want to retreat to a cosy restaurant in Soho with good honest simple food and no 45 minute waiting time, Bar Du Marche is your place.

19 Berwick Street

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