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Flatplanet, Soho

I love London, in particular Soho. It is a buzzing hub of media workers, tourists, cool arty folk and the weird and wonderful. You’ll know what I mean if you walk down the alley way that connects Berwick Street with Brewer Street. Look up and see the mysterious red lights in the bedroom windows with ‘models here’ on the sign at the door. I thought that was illegal in this country?!

But that’s not why I like Soho of course, I’m merely pointing out what a diverse part of London it is. I love it because of the food offering – Wardour Street is one of my favourite streets, being home of Busaba, Hummus Brothers, Princi and Byron Burger!

As I was walking to Pho last night to meet my dad for dinner, I stumbled upon a brand new cafe called Flatplanet on Marlborough Street. As I was looking through the window to check it out, the man behind the counter beckoned me in to try some of the Flat Bread Pizzas that they offer. They use Sharpham Park Organic Spelt Flour and this is the base for all of their ‘flatbread pizzas’.

I tried a slice of the’El Diablo’, which has a topping of Chorizo, Tomato, Smoked Chilli Jelly, Rocket and Parmesan. It was very tasty. My boyfriend had the slightly more odd looking ‘Moroccan’, which was topped with Hummus, Tzaziki, and Tabbouleh. He said it was delicious. We had to be careful because we were on our way to eat dinner but said that we would be back.

The next day, sure enough, I was back. This time to try the Coffee and a Brownie. A slice of ‘Sarah’s Sexy Chocolate Cake’ looked tempting (being that my name is Sarah and all) but I went for the Brownie. I took a seat in the corner, got my laptop and camera out and they were brought over to me by one of the politest Italian ‘bar men’ that I have come across in London. In fact, he was the one that beckoned my boyfriend and I in the night before to try the pizza. Having polite staff really is a bonus – it makes you come back!

Despite eating and drinking inside the cafe, they served the Coffee in a paper cup and the Brownie in a plastic take away bag. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest but it surprised me a little. My first impression of the brownie was that it looked small (I am a pig) but it turned out to be just the right size. It was amazingly buttery, rich, moist and chocolatey. I have been known to prefer Chocolate Brownies with a really crispy top but this one hit the nail on the head completely. It was ever so slightly warm and felt and tasted like it had just come out of the oven – although it hadn’t. I asked via Twitter if they were baked on the premises and the reply was that a lovely lady called Sarah bakes the cakes in Bath and they’re sent up to the cafe twice, sometimes three times a week. Sarah must be the best – judging by her brownies, she probably is!

Flatplanet Flat White

The Coffee was also delicious – they use Darwin from Matthew Algie here, which is a change from all of the Monmouth coffee that I have been drinking recently. If you didn’t already know, Matthew Algie is the UK’s largest independent coffee roaster and it is delicious.

The Cafe is a new project from Leon founder John Vincent. I would have had no idea unless I read it and the only similarity that I can see is the water jugs – is it sad of me to notice that?! I really like the decor. Mismatched furniture, white tables and old beaten up school chairs. They also have a large map on the wall and after thinking about it a bit more, it looked like a flat planet, get it?

There is a ‘vintage corner’ with an old record player, mini lamp, another map, a few books and an old video recorder, which added to the cosy atmosphere of the place. I then went downstairs to the loo and fell in love even more. There is a bigger seating area with a different feel, it’s brighter and the retro furniture is amazing. I could happily waste away the afternoon down there.

I didn’t try any of the pizza this time because I was on my way out for dinner again but next time i’m around the area and in need of a spot of lunch, i’ll be sure to come back.

39 Great Marlborough Street
020 7734 3133


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