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Petersham Nurseries Teahouse

The winter that we have just endured felt particularly long so I was overjoyed with the weather today.

I spent most of my time this weekend basking in the sunshine outdoors, and on Sunday I hopped on my bike to cycle to Richmond for a salad, a pot of tea and a slice of cake at the Petersham Nurseries Teahouse.


My boyfriend and I do this a few times over the summer and this was our first visit of the year. I still haven’t dined at the newly Michelin star awarded cafe, which is run by Skye Gyngell but I’m perfectly content with the salads and cake on offer at the Teahouse.

We grabbed the last table in the sun and went inside to order. It’s not table service, which to me is a good thing because it allows you to see the fantastic array of freshly baked cakes on offer. After choosing my cake (rhubarb and polenta), I perused the menu and opted for the faro butternut squash salad.

I have never eaten faro before but would liken it to pearl barley – it has a delicious nutty crunch. The sunflower seeds in the salad were also a welcome addition. Dressed with peppery rocket leaves and olive oil, the salad was an absolute hit. The only downside was the portion size, for £7.50 it was slightly on the small side.

My boyfriend decided that he wanted the flour-less chocolate cake so went back to buy a portion plus a pot of tea. His cake was very nice, the nuts had been whizzed in the food processor before being added to the cake, which gave it a great crunch.

I much preferred my rhubarb and polenta cake however. It had a subtle ginger spice to it whist being crumbly and light. The perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

There are a fantastic range of beautiful plants, herbs and garden furniture for sale around the nurseries and the place has a laid back atmosphere, despite actually being rather busy!

I love my summer cycle to Peterham Nurseries. Next time I’m going to book a table for the cafe – having looked at the sample menu, I just can’t resist.

Petersham Nurseries Teahouse
Church Lane, Off Petersham Road
TW10 7AG
020 8605 3627

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