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Albion at The Boundary Project

I’ve had my eye on Albion ever since they started using the fantastic social media contraption that is Baker Tweet. So why is it that I’ve not visited until this weekend? Who knows.

After a short stint at the London Coffee Festival, we walked over and were lucky enough to snag a table outside.

We walked past the fantastic array of freshly baked loaves, cakes, GIANT cookies and delicatessen and were presented with the menu.

Having not eaten breakfast deliberately so that I could enjoy a lazy brunch, I was quite disappointed when I looked at the menu. The only breakfast options were a fry up (called Albion breakfast), a breakfast bap or field mushrooms on toast. Not a sweet brunch treat in sight and I felt it slightly inappropriate to opt for the GIANT cookie or inviting rhubarb tart for breakfast.

So we went for the Albion breakfast and field mushrooms on toast to share. A tin of freshly baked bread and a pot of butter arrived at the table first, which was a very welcome bonus. The white slice was still warm, a sign of the freshness. I’m not used to receiving a bread tin at breakfast time but then again I’m not complaining.

The breakfast arrived and I was immediately delighted to see a big potato rosti on the Albion breakfast plate and the delicious waft of garlic from the mushrooms on toast filled my nostrils.

The beans were homemade, not the tinned kind and the eggs perfectly poached. The mushrooms on toast however stole the show with their buttery, garlicky deliciousness.

The Albion has it’s quirks – golden syrup knife and fork pots and treacle tin sugar pot. Plus, the inside is light, airy and you get a good view into the open plan kitchen. Not quite sure I’d buy my fruit and veg from the display out the front but it sure looks good.

I was eying up the cakes before I left but was put off as they weren’t covered and I spotted a few flies lurking. I was tempted by one of the loaves of bread but didn’t want to carry it around all day so will make sure I get one next time.

One more thing – we popped in Allpress Espresso on our way to the next destination and I’m pleased to say that the flat White was an absolute delight, much better than my last visit.

2-4 Boundary St
London E2 7JE
020 7729 1051

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