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Riverford Organic veg box

Thank you to Riverford Organic Farm for sending me a medium veg box last week, in perfect time for my dinner party.

The box contained the following veggies:

Orla potatoes, carrots, red onions, cauliflower, butterhead lettuce, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, January king cabbage, vine tomatoes and red and yellow peppers.

We were able to feast on nearly all of it at the dinner party but we reserved the tomatoes and lettuce for our sandwiches with the left over beef the next day.

I love the concept of the veg box – fresh produce picked from the field and delivered straight to your door. No faffing at the supermarket, no unnecessary travelling, just simple, honest veg. And delicious at that.

Read my previous post on Riverford Organic Farm to hear more about why I love veg boxes.

A medium Riverford Organic Farm veg box costs £15.45 – see here for the wide array of boxes available to order online.


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