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RELAX, Covent Garden

London life is hectic, fast paced and quite often there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I would be telling a lie if I said I was not busy. But I would also be telling a lie if i said i didn’t love this city. I work in a full time job and have two blogs to feed in my spare time. So every now and then it’s nice to have some me time and relax. Cue Relax in Covent Garden, a gorgeous spa tucked down Mercer street.


I stepped inside off the busy Covent Garden streets laden with weekend shoppers and was greeted by the spa manager before being shown upstairs and offered a complimentary lemon and ginger tea. I was left to peruse the coffee table magazines until my masseuse greeted me and showed me to the chair.

I was at Relax for a 30 minute chair massage and was quite happy to be able to sit straight in the chair – no messing around with taking clothes off, or having to cover my body with a towel.

My masseuse asked if I had any problems and I pointed out an area around my left shoulder that is prone to tension.

She started off with a medium pressure and worked her way down my spine putting pressure on many points down my back. She then worked her way up and concentrated on my problem area, which felt strangely unproblematic. She worked her way down my back on one side and back up again before moving to the other side. Strangely my right side was more uncomfortable than my left. My masseuse put pressure on the top of my shoulder and I was surprised to feel muscle knots, which she attempted and succeeded to iron out.

Half way through my session I looked at my watch and thanked god I still had 15 minutes left. The last minutes went too quickly for my liking and I slumped even further into the chair and enjoyed a few shivers down my spine as her hands, arms and fingers comforted mine.

My half an hour drew to a close and I sat up to thank my masseuse. Surprisingly the time did not rush by too quickly and I felt relaxed but energised. And the best thing was that I didn’t need to waste any time by getting dressed. I walked out of Relax into the sunshine smiling and looking forward to the day ahead.

7 Mercer Street
Covent Garden London
Tel: 0207 871 4567

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