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Healthy sweets, cereal and calming tea

This post is dedicated to three products that have ticked my taste buds recently.

You only need to have seen a few posts on this blog to know that I have an incredibly sweet tooth. But as much as I would love to sit and eat copius amounts of sweets on a daily basis, I am fully aware of the negative effects of sugar. So when the information from Bittersweet came through recently it caught my attention for more than one reason. Firstly, the packaging is pretty and secondly, the large range of sweets is 100% sugar free. I was intrigued to see if Bittersweet has managed to create a range of sweets that taste as good as they look and can still satisfy my sweet tooth.

I tried the Ripe Pear Drops, Fluffy Marshmallows and Cherries. I popped a pear drop into my mouth and for the first second I could tell the difference but all of a sudden I thought I was sucking on the real thing. The fluffy marshmallow was also very similar to the real thing, mostly due to the texture but the star of the show was the cherries – chewier than the sugary equivalent but packed full of that unmistakable sweet cherry flavour.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed tucking into a box of Camomile tea, or ‘balm for the soul’, as The London Tea Company calls it. I swapped my morning coffee for a couple of mugs of this tea at work last week and I felt more relaxed and less bloated. The tea has a mild almost sweet flavour and I found it much more pleasant than other bitter varieties that I have tasted.

The third product that has brightened up my mornings no end is the Sharpham Park Crunchy Fruit & Fibre. I have to admit I thought I would never eat fruit & fibre again after hating the cardboard that my mum used to feed me when I was a child. I didn’t have high hopes for this but as soon as I placed the first spoonful into my mouth I knew I was onto a winner. Crunchy light rice flakes with a delicious nutty flavour and a sprinkling of fruit – not too much so that you only get raisins on your mouth with some spoonfuls (like you do with other cereals) but just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. The only downside was the dried apricots were so hard that I couldn’t chew them properly. Nevertheless a delicious start to the day and good for the conscience too!

The Bittersweet range is priced at £5.95 per pack and available from the website.

The London Tea Company Camomile tea is priced at £2.15 and is available from Selfridges and Partridges.

For more information on the Sharpham Park range visit the website.

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