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YO! Sushi Camden Celebrates 1st Birthday

I remember the first time I ever visited YO! Sushi. My dad had promised my brother and I a culinary treat on one of our many escapades to London and as we made our way up to the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols, I was full of excitement.

The fact that we could pick dishes at our own leisure from a moving conveyor belt provided much entertainment and I distinctly remembering our hands wavering over many a dish, scared that we were going to pick the wrong one and not be able to put it back.

Fast forward a good few years, I can’t remember now many exactly but I would bet that it’s around 12, and I’m at YO! Sushi in Camden celebrating the restaurant’s first birthday. YO! Sushi hasn’t changed much in the last 12 years – the same conveyor belt carries freshly made sushi and hot dishes around the room and guests can still choose at their own leisure. And they do in their droves – the popularity sure hasn’t waned over the last few years and I can’t imagine it doing anytime soon.

The birthday celebrations were a fun affair. We were greeted by Japanese game show hosts who asked us to spin the wheel for a prize. We won a couple of small prizes that can be redeemed in the restaurant within the next month. A nice touch.

We snagged a seat in front of the conveyor belt and were let loose on as much as we could eat. Now, when someone says that to us, we take full advantage and 20 plates later we were reigning champions (according to the waiter). We finished off with a couple of plates of the utterly scrumptious chocolate mochi and a go in the ‘Say Fromage’ photobooth before heading off into the night.

I’ll be going back soon, no doubt. I have also just heard that all stores are now serving a Limited Edition Super Mega Katsu Curry priced at £7. Jack will be happy!

YO! Sushi
Unit 3
10 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7BY
T: 020 3394 2600

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