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Pimps and Pinups, Shoreditch

I thoroughly enjoyed my bank holiday weekend. Four days and five nights of relaxation, drinks with friends and lots of indulging. The first day back at work after any kind of holiday is not the easiest, unless you have an incentive to get to the end of the day. Mine just happened to be heading for a cut and colour before popping down to see a new band at The Borderline.

I have visited a few salons over the last year and each has been different and unique in its own right and Pimps and Pinups, my hairdressers on Tuesday, was no exception.

I remember walking past this salon years ago when I first moved to London and it almost embarrasses me to tell you that the thought of entering used to scare me. You see, the people inside just looked way too cool for my 18 year old self. Fast forward a good few years and as I walk up to the door I realise that all fear has diminished. I also realised as I stepped inside that my 18 year old fear was completely and utterly ridiculous. I was warmly welcomed to the salon and before I even sat down was asked what I wanted to drink ‘tea, coffee, beer…?’ Hang on. Beer? Well this is certainly new to me. And I quite liked it. A few minutes later, bottle of Becks in hand, I was greeted by my stylist who ushered over to the far corner chair.


After a quick consultation (because I knew exactly what I wanted) my stylist was off to grab the colour and I was left to take a few snaps. When he arrived back we engaged in hairdresser chat and laughed and smiled our way through the colour application. Time flew by and before I knew it I was sat back in the chair, hair freshly washed, ready for my cut. My split ends were trimmed and the front of my hair subtly shaped. Then, armed with a hairdryer, my stylist proceeded to give me the movie star tussled waves that I so love.



I really liked Pimps and Pinups. The music was diverse but at times a bit too much (I’m not a fan of rock music) but the staff were friendly and most importantly I walked out with a hairstyle that I love.

A semi permanent colour and a cut costs around £100.

Pimps and Pinups
14 Lamb Street
E1 6EA
0207 426 2121

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