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The Best Roast in London? Bacchus Sundays

Bacchus Sundays, Hoxton


Bacchus Sundays is the brain-child of the Bacchus Pub & Kitchen team. Formerly of 177 Hoxton Street it now resides as a weekly residency just down the road at the modern and distinctly characterful Hoxton Street Studios. Diners can expect traditional English roast dinners, honest prices and sleek loft style surroundings.

The experience
A Sunday roast isn’t the first meal that springs to mind in the summer months; but who can argue that a plate of meat, some amazing veggies and lashings of gravy isn’t good at any time of year? I headed to Bacchus Sundays last Sunday with my friend Roxane. She admitted how hungover she was as soon as I arrived and I could see her salivating just looking at the mountainous plates emerging from the kitchen.

Despite knowing the only option was a roast, I still felt incredibly indecisive when reading the menu, which included 12 hour roasted sirloin of beef, half a bantam chicken and Gloucester old spot pork belly; but my eyes lit up when I saw the ‘Undecided’, a combination of all three meats with an added Yorkshire pudding. Yes, I thought, and I couldn’t wave the waitress over quick enough.

The food took a while to arrive and I could see the excitement and disappointment on Roxane’s face as every plate exited the kitchen and made its way to another table. When it finally arrived, all frustrations vanished when we saw what was in store for us. The pile of food on my plate was literally as tall as my head and it was a moment of pure bliss. The condiment selection wasn’t the greatest and we both would have loved a dollop of apple sauce for our pork, but the amount of gravy more than made up for it, particularly as there’s nothing worse than being served a roast dinner without enough gravy!

The conversation stopped and we tucked in. Each of the meats was cooked perfectly – juicy, tender and bloomin lovely. I would even go so far as saying that it was the best roast I have ever had in London. The jealous comments from my male friends soon started flowing in on Facebook and I gushed with praise telling them to book themselves in sharpish.

We just about managed to save a bit of room for dessert and enjoyed a warm chocolate brownie with chantilly cream. It wasn’t the best brownie I have ever had, a bit too cakey for my liking, but it was a good little sweetener to finish off such an amazing lunch.

There are three options – roast course £15 (£5 supplement for the ‘Undecided’, 2 courses £25, or 3 courses £30.

Hoxton Street Studio’s
12-18 Hoxton Street
N1 6NG

Opening Times
Sundays ONLY: 1pm – 6pm


  1. My goodness that’s a lot of meat, you must have been hungry to finish that off and a brownie! Just how deep is that gravy?

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