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Pact – Mail Order Coffee at its Finest


LoRes 140515_PactCoffee_0447

The best coffee, roasted in small batches, fresher & better tasting, ground to order, shipped to you everyday.


I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to find good cafetiere coffee in the supermarkets. There is so much choice that at times it can be daunting. I know my favourite brands, but I like to explore and quite often end up buying something new and being disappointed with it. A few months ago, my coffee mate at work introduced me to Pact coffee – good quality mail order coffee, which arrived at his desk in a small but perfectly formed envelope. I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee, but after my friend switched to money saving mode, the morning coffee break sadly came to an end and I was back off spending my money in the local coffee shop. But I never forgot Pact, and it was great to have a reminder recently when I was sent a 250g pack of El Retiro, a coarsely ground batch with a strong roast hazelnut aroma. I made a pot as soon as it arrived and I sipped with a smile on my face. I much prefer a nutty, chocolatey, smooth coffee to a citrusy one, so this was perfect for me.

The good news is that Food for Think readers can enjoy their first order of Pact coffee for just £1. Simply enter the code ‘foodforthink’ at the checkout.

Read more about Pact.

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